Progress News: 

  • After almost two years of hard work and community outreach, the Friends of Governor Dodge Equestrian Committee is thrilled to announce that we have reached a milestone!
    On October 24, 2016 our Committee members met with DNR personnel PaulZajackowski, Missy VanLanduyt, and Kathy Gruentzel to review plans for a new equestrian campground! The DNR architect that developed plans for a new Governor Dodge Equestrian Campground is the same architect that created the plans for the Governor Knowles Trade River Campground, so if you have been there, you know he certainly knows what he is doing! The future GD campground area is located just beyond the current day-ride parking area, a site that is not without many challenges. The original campground design came in with quotes in the millions, but there are several possible alternatives that are being discussed to bring down the cost. No matter what, the DNR is squarely on our side in achieving the dream of this beautiful addition to the park. It will take a lot of hard work, major fundraising, and plenty of patience, but we WILL get it done.
  • We also: Joined the Friends of Governor Dodge as the Equestrian Committee which expands grant and other fundraising opportunities
  • Sold over 160 trail passes in 2016 resulting in an $800 profit
  • Installed five safe, aesthetically pleasing mounting blocks at strategic locations in horse areas
  • Financed a portable toilet at the Day Riders parking area for the 2016 season
  • Held well-attended and fun events to raise awareness and funds

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Governor Dodge Equestrians is a group of horse riding enthusiasts from the Midwest. Our mission is to promote and enhance equine experiences at Governor Dodge State Park,one of Wisconsin’s largest and most beautiful state parks. Long term goals include improving the horse and rider camping experience and getting a shorter loop choice on the outer loop ride. Join us in these important efforts.

2017 Events

Promoting and Enhancing the Equine Experience at Governor Dodge State Park

Fun Poker Ride June 4th at the Park 

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