Totally Re-imagined for 2020!

Winning Photo Submitted by Maria Klingaman, Cazenovia, WI 

An American toad on a pretty fall leaf. This is the only species of toad in Wisconsin. There are 12 species of frogs.

Winning photo submitted by Phoebe Miller, Stoughton, WI

Horse and photographer have spotted a kindred equine spirit in this photo. Fungus from the polyporales order which includes HOOF fungus, Dryads SADDLE, and ARTISTS bracket.

Winning photo submitted by Caryn Odgers, Arena, WI

A majestic old walnut over the trail, with a savanna understory of native prickly ash. Everyone wants to be the rider in this serene photo.

Winning Photo submitted by Ed Odgers, Arena, WI This is Indian pipe, a perennial native herbaceous species that is chlorophyll-free, with a very short window of growth in the fall. Our park is full of this rare treasure!


Photo Hunt Entries September 1-20, 2020 

Governor Dodge Equestrians Keep the FUN in Fundraising

Rather than cancel their annual fundraiser in response to pandemic concerns, The Friends of Governor Dodge State Park Equestrian Committee re-imagined their event this year. Instead of a one-day event, this year riders and hikers visited the park on their own schedules during a two-week period in September searching designated trails for small hidden “treasure” discs and great photo opportunities. The flexible schedule allowed friends and families to attend when it best fit their calendars.  Finding the hidden trail treasures tagged with sponsor names meant prizes donated by local merchants for the lucky trail riders and hikers. Joyel Rule of Mineral Point, like many others, recognized that the real treasure was the “green therapy” they received in the process. Participants also creatively captured the beauty of nature, submitting photographs in six categories to win cash prizes.  As Heidi Hochhausen of Cassville, WI said, “The picture contest made me see things I had never looked at before!” The re-imagined fundraiser turned out to be the group’s most popular fundraising event ever, with an amazing 149 registered participants! The fun, custom designed T-shirts were a big hit, too!

The 2020 fundraiser also included the group’s first-ever online auction. This turned out to be a great format, generating spirited bidding on 120 donated “lots”.  Through a combination of generous business sponsorships, plentiful auction item donations, enthusiastic registered participants, and competitive auction bidders, the auction generated nearly $7,000, taking the fundraiser total to over $12,000 for the park’s equestrian campground fund! Thank You!! In addition to boosting the campground fund, many participant comments reminded us that their best “prize” was the chance to get out and ride/hike the beautiful trails at Governor Dodge State Park!




The winning photos.....



Treasure Hunt September 1-20, 2020

Winning Photo Submitted Sara Garbor, Platteville, WI 

A monarch butterfly feeding on a thistle. Some thistles are native, and others are invasive. Butterflies are a universal symbol of hope.

Winning Photo Submitted by Sherry Combs, Verona, WI

Field of goldenrod, a native perennial wildflower that is a favorite of bees. The hills in the background are classic topography and geography of the scenic Driftless Region.

​​Friends of Governor Dodge - Equestrians