​​​​​​​​​​​​​1. Make a personal donation and tell your friends of your support. Donate online or send your check made payable to Friends of Governor Dodge-Campground Fund to: FOGD Equestrians PO Box 154 Whitewater, WI 53190 Take advantage of the dollar-for-dollar match! (see below)

2. Ask your horse group to donate a part of their annual dues. Pass the hat at your next meeting.

3. Shop at our online store. Nice things reasonably priced and all for a good cause. 

​4. Hold a fund raiser and donate the proceeds.

​5. Sign up for the Amazon Smiles program. Go to Smiles.amazon.com to register. Select Friends of Governor Dodge. 0.5% of your Smile-eligible purchases will automatically be sent to our group.

​6. Do you know what $100 in dimes looks like? A 16 oz plastic soda bottle filled with dimes adds up to an
amazing $100! Join our DIMES FOR DODGE campaign and turn your bottle in by June 1, 2020 to be entered in a prize drawing. Or set aside ALL your coins for our COINS FOR THE CAMPGROUND campaign. Loose change can add up quickly!

7. Host a gathering for your barn buddies, riding club, or youth group and invite a member of the
FOGD-Equestrians to attend. We love to share information about the project and campaign. 

​8. When you visit Governor Dodge State Park, be sure to buy your firewood at the park. Profits from firewood sales go to the Friends of Governor Dodge.

​9. For your next birthday, host a “no-gifts” party. In lieu of gifts, invite your guests to make a donation
“in your honor” to the Trails End campground fund. Downloadable donation forms are on our website at:

10. Buy your annual WI Trail Pass(es) from us. $5 from each sale goes to The Friends of Governor Dodge-Equestrians

​​11. Spread the word! Carry FOGD-Equestrians brochures with you and share with interested horse enthusiasts. 


For more information or to volunteer, contact us at: govdodgehorses@gmail.com

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent VanGogh

Building for the Future at Governor Dodge State Park   

How You Can Help

​​Friends of Governor Dodge - Equestrians