Friends of Governor Dodge - Equestrians


Our group's primary goal is to see a new equestrian campground built at Governor Dodge.  The current campground, never intended to be permanent, has only 11 sites with trailers parked side by side on a deteriorating asphalt parking lot.  After a day in the saddle, equestrian campers deserve something better at the end of the trail!

Now, thanks to the Friends of Governor Dodge Equestrian Committee, this dream is closer to reality.  Located near the current day ride parking in a peaceful and scenic area of the park, the all new TRAILS END CAMPGROUND will offer 21 nicely spaced sites with modern amenities.  The new campground will allow hundreds more riders to enjoy the park's natural beauty each year.

Fundraising is already underway.  After years of discussion, with your help, at long last we can build the dream!

To donate, click on the Donate Now button under the NEW CAMPGROUND tab.

The drawing above shows the general layout but is subject to minor changes.